The privately-owned walled garden of Langham Hall is mentioned as early as 1705 but its walls were likely extended to their current dimensions between 1762 and 1784 by Sir Patrick Blake MP, then owner of the hall.   Where the car park is there used to be stabling for 40 horses, 10 bedrooms for grooms, and even a 50 foot ball room and 33 foot card room!  These were built in 1770 and demolished in the mid-19th century, but other than that, very little has changed.

The walled garden extends to three-and-a-half acres and includes a vast kitchen garden with a smaller ornamental pleasure garden. The kitchen garden is notable for containing an internal walled area – an unusual feature that is thought to have been built to maximise the south facing aspect, and used to contain exotic (for the time) fruit such as pineapples.

A Victorian greenhouse was also built and a furnace provided the energy to heat water pipes that passed through. In its heyday this provided a year round supply of fruit and vegetables for the Hall, and given the garden’s size, these may well have been sold commercially also. Throughout the years there have been many custodians and gardeners contributing to this beautiful and dynamic garden. In 1905 Langham boasted 15 gardeners, under-gardeners and boys that worked the grounds.

The greenhouses were dismantled in the 1990s but we hope to replace them in the future.

The Ramsay family moved to Langham Hall in 2016 and begun a long-term plan of tree and border planting and path replacement. The current custodians, Catherine and Steve arrived in February 2019 after responding to an advert in Suffolk Organic newsletter. See About Us for more information!

Further history of the garden can be found here.

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